"Every element says something to someone (something different to each) like the mountain valleys or beaches visited in youth. One must perhaps make an exception for carbon, because it says everything to everyone." Primo Levi


The British Carbon Group is a special interest group of the Royal Society of Chemistry , the Institute of Physics and the Society of Chemical Industry devoted to the advancement of carbon science. It is also a member of the European Carbon Association.

The Carbon Group was originally formed in 1965 as a Subject Group of The Institute of Physics. In 1977 the Group became the Joint Carbon Group of The Institute of Physics and the Royal Society of Chemistry. Since January 1994 the Group has been joined with the Industrial Carbon and Graphite Group of The Society of Chemical Industry and is known as The British Carbon Group. In addition to physicists and chemists, the Group welcomes professional members from other disciplines with an interest in carbon and is attracting interest from scientists working in Europe and the developing countries.

Naturally-occurring graphite matrix from Sleathwaite, Cumbria, UK.

Diamond Days : Introduction to the British Carbon Group (2009)
The British Carbon Group Interview at the SCI (2009)

The picture appears by permission of Dr. D. Millward and of the Director of the BGS.


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